Friday, April 25, 2014

Round About The Fisher Building

These churches stand right beside each other near the now historical site of the Ford Piquette Plant.

 The factory is long closed but the churches are still open:

Russell Street Industrial Center- "Chimera" by Kobie Solomon.

"The Illuminated Mural" by Katie Craig.

We took a free and very informative tour of Detroit's Fisher Building which was designed by Albert Kahn who is also responsible for several of University of Michigan's most iconic buildings.

Thanksgiving Day Parade big head puppets on display inside. These were actually inspired by and made in collaboration with artisans from Viareggio, Italy.

So we had heard tell of Detroit-style pizza and knew that this is the place to go- turns out it's square, deep dish but not too greasy, and pretty tasty!

View from the top of the Fisher Building.

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