Friday, April 25, 2014

The Color of Winter

After apartment hunting one weekend in Ann Arbor, we were looking for a place to picnic and thought we would visit the Leslie Science and Nature Center. We saw some amazing birds of prey, but I just kept looking around at all the brown out there... We will have to return later in the spring, I suppose, to see the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and the Eastern Box Turtle. Incidentally, we noticed a neat mid century apartment place on the drive in and set up an appointment that very afternoon to have a look see. Two-bedrooms, hardwood, and close to campus- we will be moving in July!

Snagged this Baggu while visiting Brooklyn in April. I think it will be perfect for the lake this summer!

Baking and Waiting for Spring

This Easter pie looks better than it tasted- I should have trusted my gut instinct to never add gelatin to anything! Also, the shortbread crust was pretty much just a big cookie. 

After visiting Rose Bakery in Paris I knew that I wanted to get this cookbook but since I didn't want to lug it home with me in my suitcase, it had to wait for Christmas. Gorgeous illustrations and these banana oat muffins were pretty good if I may say so.

I woke up one morning really missing sultana scones and clotted cream which Ander and I ate for breakfast much too much while in Oxford last summer. These were tasty approximations but alas- no clotted cream!

Valentine's Day at The Z

This Valentine's day, we headed to Revolver for an amazing dinner prepared by chef Kate Williams. The Thai chile oyster and salmon bisque with pine nuts was perhaps the best soup I have ever had! Anyway, afterwards we headed to Detroit to drive through Dan Gilbert's latest project- the Z parking garage. Click here for a great promo video and short write up. It was around 1am, so it was really just us with a tripod and a security guard in there.

Round About The Fisher Building

These churches stand right beside each other near the now historical site of the Ford Piquette Plant.

 The factory is long closed but the churches are still open:

Russell Street Industrial Center- "Chimera" by Kobie Solomon.

"The Illuminated Mural" by Katie Craig.

We took a free and very informative tour of Detroit's Fisher Building which was designed by Albert Kahn who is also responsible for several of University of Michigan's most iconic buildings.

Thanksgiving Day Parade big head puppets on display inside. These were actually inspired by and made in collaboration with artisans from Viareggio, Italy.

So we had heard tell of Detroit-style pizza and knew that this is the place to go- turns out it's square, deep dish but not too greasy, and pretty tasty!

View from the top of the Fisher Building.